Year 3 Teachers



In Year 3 QCA D&T unit Sandwich snacks (Unit 3B) children investigate food choices in sandwiches and learn that sandwiches can form part of a healthy diet. Children are exposed to the balanced plate of food groups. Children look at different types of bread and different sandwich fillings and the popularity of different tastes. Sandwich storage, transport and packaging are also considered. Children are encouraged to eat wholemeal, brown and high-fibre breads and to avoid fat by not spreading butter too thickly.



The eatwell balance of good health plate shows food split into five categories according to how much of the diet they should make up. This plate shows:

  • bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta (33%)
  • fruit and vegetables (33%)
  • milk and dairy foods (15%)
  • meat, fish, eggs, pulses, beans, nuts (12%)
  • treats high in fat and/or sugar (8%)

The eatwell plate

The key message is that a healthy diet contains a balanced mix of food types. Children should not worry about achieving the balance shown on the plate at every meal, but should aim to eat food in these quantities over a week. The aim is to get children to eat a wide variety of foods and include lots of fruit and vegetables and few sugary or fatty foods. Children should not think of any food type as 'bad' unless it is mouldy.

It is recommended that the 'Why do I need to eat?' and 'What should I eat?' pages of this website is used to introduce the topic of healthy eating before the practical tasks in the Sandwich snack