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Why do I need to eat a balanced diet?

Eating a balanced diet means eating a variety of foods in the right proportions. Everyone needs enough food to give them energy, and a few special ingredients to help the body work properly and repair itself. We need to eat a balanced diet because different foods contain different nutrients. For example, potatoes contain starch and are a good source of energy, but if we only ate potatoes we'd eventually become ill and die from lack of other nutrients. Spinach contains lots of vitamins but is not a good source of energy so if we only ate spinach, we'd lose weight and become ill from lack of energy and other nutrients.

Scientists have studied eating habits for a long time and worked out how foods affect the body and what proportions of different foods allow our bodies to work best. Sometimes you may read that the advice on healthy eating has changed but most advice hasn't changed in decades.

Get the balance right = Looking and feeling great