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Bramley apple tree challenge

You will need:

Large sheet of thick card
Paint brushes

*Take extra care when using scissors

  1. Draw the outline of a tree with branches and some large apples on a piece of card. The apples should be bigger than the ball or beanbag you plan to use.
  2. Cut out the shape of the tree and cut around the outline of the apples.
  3. Paint the tree and apples to make it look colourful. Put number scores by each hole according to difficulty (make big holes easier!)
  4. Stand the tree up securely: this can be done by tying the tree trunk to a secure stick or cutting flaps at the bottom of the trunk and weighing down the flaps with large stones.
  5. Start the game! You have 5 tries to throw the ball through the apple holes in the tree. The person who gets the highest score wins the game!