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Apple print

Here's how you can create fun prints for a plain tablecloth or napkins or anything you want to decorate.

You will need:

  • A firm Bramley apple
  • Knife*
  • Fabric paints - any colours you fancy (you can buy this in art shops for around £3 - make sure it is fabric paint and is washable so the pattern you make does not run!!)
  • Paint brush
  • Material of your choice (a plain t-shirt, jeans, tablecloth etc.)
  • Apron
  • Old newspapers

*Take care when using a sharp knife

  1. Make sure you put on an apron and cover your work area in newspaper to stop any paint getting on your clothes or furniture!
  2. Cut the Bramley apple in half and then cut this into a shape. Get a grown up to do this for you or make sure there is one around if you do this yourself.
  3. Paint the cut surface of one apple half with fabric paint. You may want to paint the other apple half a different colour.
  4. Carefully but firmly press the painted surface onto the material of your choice. Make sure every part of the fruit touches the material.
  5. You can paint this apple half again (with the same colour) and keep printing shapes until you are happy with the apple pattern you have made.
  6. If you want to, make a different shape with the other apple half (again get an adult to help you cut the apple) and paint it a different colour if you want to
  7. Leave the material to dry.
  8. Proudly show off your creation!