Key Stage 3 Teachers



This educational resource has been designed to help Food Design and Technology teachers deliver parts of the Key Stage 3 curriculum. There is a section on Healthy Eating with all the latest information on what makes up a healthy balanced diet, and there is a section to help students complete the Design and Make Assignments 'Understanding Materials', and 'Designing and making for yourself'.


Key Stage 3 Healthy Eating Section

The Healthy Eating section should be used by the students as a reference tool when researching information on healthy eating. The worksheet below can be set for students to complete as they read through the section, set as a homework, or used after some work on healthy eating.

Worksheet: What is Healthy Eating?


Year 7 Design and Make Assignments

These sections of the website provides worksheets and ideas for two Year 7 Design and make assignments:

  • Understanding materials (QCA Unit 07ai) Design and make a soup using Bramley apples
  • Designing and making for yourself (QCA Unit07bi) Design and make a pasty using Bramley apples

There are 16 worksheets to help deliver the QCA units 07ai Understanding materials, and 07bi Designing and making for yourself. The worksheets help students complete product evaluations and focused pracical tasks.

You can use all the worksheets in a series of lessons or select worksheets that fit your current Schemes of Work. Some worksheets can be used in isolation or set as homework.

Year 7 Worksheets:

Understanding materials:Design and make a soup using Bramley apples

Task 1: Thinking about soup

Task 2: Homework - Understanding types of soup

Task 3: Researching apple soup recipes

Task 4: Tasting current soups

Task 5: Nutritional content of soups

Task 6: Packaging

Task 7: Understanding ingredients

Task 8: Taste testing

Designing and making for yourself: Design and make a pasty using Bramley apples

Task 1: Understanding the market

Task 2: Understanding design criteria

Task 3: Marketing a snack

Task 4: Homework - Meeting market demand

Task 5: Researching the market

Task 6: Learn how to make a pasty filling

Task 7: Safety and hygiene when handling food

Task 8: Using prototypes and models when designing


Year 8 Design and Make Assignments

Bramley apples could also be used in the following Design and make assignments:

  • Exploring materials (QCA Unit 08ai) Design and make a chilled layered desert using Bramley apples
  • Designing for clients (QCA Unit 07bi) Design and make Bramley apple pies for batch production to please a client